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Sergio Jara-Diaz

(Ph.D. and M.Sc., MIT) is Professor of Transport Economics at Universidad de Chile (founding member of the Transport Division; Provost 2014-2016). Author of Transport Economic Theory (Elsevier, 2007), and more than 120 research articles on the microeconomics of discrete travel choices, time use and values, industry structure on transport networks, strategic design of public transport, optimal pricing, and social appraisal of transport projects. Past President of ITEA (International Transport Economics Association). Sergio has published five books of chronicles and runs a weekly radio show since 1991; has one wife, two sons and four grandchildren.












Tulin Erdem

Joined New York University Stern School of Business as a Leonard N. Stern School Professor of Business and Professor of Marketing in July 2006. Professor Erdem's research interests include advertising, brand management and equity, consumer choice, customer relationship management, decision making under uncertainty, econometric modeling, and pricing. Prof. Erdem pioneered the use of structural dynamic learning models to study how consumers make decisions facing uncertainty and at the same time learning from prior experiences. Before joining Stern in 2006, Tulin Erdem has also been the E.T. Grether Professor of Business Administration and Marketing at the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, where she served also as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Marketing Group Chair, and the Ph.D. Director at the Haas School of Business. She has received best paper awards, as well major research grants, including two major National Science Foundation grants. She served as an AE at Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Research and Quantitative Marketing and Economics. She was the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Marketing Research (2009-2012). Tulin Erdem also served as the President of INFORMS Marketing Society (ISMS). She is an ISMS fellow and an MSI Academic Fellow. Tulin Erdem has a BA (Bogazici University) and MA in Economics and Ph.D. in Business Administration (University of Alberta. Major: marketing; Minors: economics, statistics).














Antonio Rangel

Is the Bing Professor of Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology, and Economics in the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences at Caltech. Antonio studies the computational and neurobiological basis of human decision making using a variety of tools from neuroscience, economics, psychology, and computer science, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), single-unit recordings in human patients, eye-tracking, and computational modeling. In his Neuroeconomics laboratory at Caltech, he has pioneered the application of psychological and computational models to simple economic choices between different products and more involved ones such as those involving self-control and altruism. Recently, he has been interested in applying the same computational and neurobiological methods to understand psychiatric conditions. One of Antonio’s most important contributions to the field of decision making has been in the realm of attention and economic choice, where he has been able to demonstrate how evidence accumulation by attention predicts what and when consumers are more likely to choose a given product. For this and other important contributions to the field, Antonio has received numerous awards such as the 2019 NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award. In 2018, he was named a fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, and he served as the President of the Society for Neuroeconomics from 2009 to 2010. He received a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation in 2002 and was a national fellow at the Hoover Institution from 2000 to 2001.


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